Winter 2023

The Winter 2023 issue of Documentary magazine focuses on the reverberations from Getting Real '22, including new provocations building off of conversations started at our biennial conference, attendee reports, and the publication of all three inspiring keynote talks.
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Doc of the Week

Body of My Own

At a moment in time when women’s rights are under increasing threat globally, comes a new documentary that places an intimate, collaborative lens among four Hijra women, whose ancient community is caught in the crossfire of conservative Islam, rising Indian nationalism and the legacy of British colonial rule. Co-Directors Rahemur Rahman and Lily Vetch follow MOMO (29), a Hijra Guru (community leader) and her Chela (disciple) JANNAT (26), her Chela NOORJAHAN (16) and NESHI (29) from October 2019 to the present day, with filming continuing until the summer of 2023. From the tough pandemic years, when the women must disperse across India and Bangladesh to seek sex work, to the present day, when they plan to return to Dhaka, their individual journeys are emerging as inspiring feats of resilience, friendship and vibrant creativity, despite the ever-present threat of violence, prejudice and sexual harassment they must endure.