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Resources For Documentary Filmmakers and Creators

IDA supports the international docmaking community with hands-on resources, insight from industry experts and meaningful opportunities. IDA dives into every nuance of documentary filmmaking through our extensive resources—so whether you're a student, emerging or established filmmaker, there's always something new to learn, and build your work.

Photo by Dara Messinger from DocuClub NY post-screening discussions.


Accessibility Resources for Nonfiction Creators

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Every documentary project is also a business venture. Get into the legwork of documentary creation, from production and paperwork to legal concerns and distribution.

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Do the line items never seem to end? Learn how to strategize and secure diversified funding for your documentary.

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You have a great story, but presenting it well is the next step. Get into the nuances of creative direction, including writing, visual aesthetics, ethics and sound that will bring your ideas to life.

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Behind every creative decision are the technical considerations that make it possible—Make sure you’re ready for production and post-production with IDA’s resources on the documentary trade.

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The worlds of investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking are closely linked. Learn from field experts on how to pursue your story, cover all your bases and stay safe along the way.

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IDA is actively supporting documentarians through the pandemic by producing financial assistance resources.

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