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Trading Gifts

Trading Gifts is about the impact, history and future of trade between two partners - African nations and the United States of America, in a world where more than 60% of Africa’s population is unde

Baltimore Ballet Boys

After years of studying male technique, a Baltimore ballet dancer announces to their family that they want to transition and learn how to dance as a ballerina.

Like heroes

At the beginning of the 90's, in San Francisco, Sylvie sets up Ti Couz, an utopian creperie, made of self-management, ecological concerns, social rights for the employees.

Shelter in the Palace

At 12 years of age, Destiny is navigating 7th grade, enduring homelessness and along with Moms4Housing, igniting a movement for housing as a human right.

Free Chol Soo Lee

FREE CHOL SOO LEE tells the story of a Korean American death row inmate convicted of a 1973 Chinatown gangland murder in San Francisco, and the activists who led a pan-Asian American movement to fr

A Bunch of Amateurs

A Bunch of British working class amateur filmmakers with nothing left to lose, tackle one of Hollywood's greatest musicals in order to save their beloved Club.

Space, Hope and Charity

SPACE, HOPE & CHARITY is a powerful documentary about a young woman from rural Oregon who overcomes poverty, family dysfunction and unspeakable tragedy as she pursues a dream of becoming an ast

The Empty Chair

In the face of America’s increasingly powerful corporate class, young Starbucks employees have set in motion a unionization campaign that has swept the nation.

Escape From Death Valley

In the winter of 1849 a wagon train was lost in an unknown American desert. A “cursed hole” – the doomed immigrants soon named it, “Death Valley.” No water, no food, no way out.

100 Years From Mississippi

100 Years From Mississippi is a 60 minute documentary on the life of Mamie Lang Kirkland, a 111-year old African American woman who experienced and survived racial terrorism, segregation, bigotry a


Alegria is a coming-of-age story about my dad, Michael Lopez-Alegria, an astronaut leading the first all-commercial mission to the International Space Station.

She Flys

She Flys, follow women from different backgrounds across Australia.

The Bomb With No Name

THE BOMB WITH NO NAME is about gullibility, about how unprotected we are when things go wrong. Especially when it comes to bombs.

Untitled Friends at Mafundi Documentary

When one of the most historically rich buildings in Watts is threatened with a major housing redevelopment, a coalition of local artists and activists come together to preserve the building and rev


We are a team of award-winning filmmakers and ocean advocates joining forces to bring to you an uplifting feature documentary on marine conservati

Let Us Read

‘LET US READ’ explores various personal stories of living in a world full of misconceptions and systemic barriers toward dyslexia and other learning differences.

The Passengers

In Ethiopia, there is a community of over nine thousand Jews.


Manscaping is an intimate documentary portrait of three queer men who are reimagining the traditional barbershop.

Virulent: The Vaccine War

"Virulent: The Vaccine War" examines the history of vaccine hesitancy and denial, and the effect Covid-19 has had on anti-vaccination activists.

Constant Fleeting

Upon learning of her estranged mother's cancer diagnosis, first time filmmaker Ondrea Barbe traces their final years together in an experimental and vivid style.


DeAngelo Washington thought baseball was his ticket out of poverty, but after a major injury he discovers an unlikely sport - mountain biking.

We Are Not The Same

In the 1970s the UK’s original reggae band, The Cimarons, brought live reggae to Ireland for the very first time.
Now, after 50 years as a band...
It’s time to go back.

Pack is Here

With the increased visibility of transgender people in the United States, we are seeing a backlash that results in efforts to block trans people from participation in some of the most basic parts o

Worship Factor

Worship is at the heart of the Christian life: we pray, sing, and write music.
But worship is more than that: it is about justice and how to care for people's needs.

Being Mennonite in America

To understand Mennonites, one needs to understand the stories by which they order their lives.

Women of Carbon

Carbon is the earth. Carbon is all of us. These are the Women of Carbon.

Art, Beauty, Music and God - The Story of Nasta'liq

Like no other system of writing in the world, Persian calligraphy or Nasta’liq hovers on the boundary between art, information and the profoundly religious, raising the very question of whether a s

Little Amens

Throughout the span of twenty five years, from 1970 to 1995 and beyond, the cultural environment in the rural town of Ada, Oklahoma (population 17,000) produced an extraordinary number of nationall

"Craft of Speed" Mooneyes Documentary

For 30 years, Shige Suganuma and Chico Kodama, two Japanese hotrodders, built Mooneyes, an iconic American speed equipment & custom accessories company, into an international brand, honoring le

Mama Faru: Mother of Rhinos

Zoologist Desmond Morris once wrote, “What Joy Adamson was to lions, Dian Fossey was to gorillas, and Jane Goodall is to chimpanzees, Anna Merz is to rhinos.” This is the untold story of pioneering

Sign My Name to Freedom

Betty Reid Soskin is America’s oldest park ranger, famous for tirelessly shedding light on the forgotten history of racial segregation in California.

Everest Dark

Everest Dark is a feature documentary that takes us on a daring expedition with world-renowned Nepalese mountaineer Mingma Tsiri Sherpa.

A School Grows in Watts

In South Los Angeles, in one of the most notoriously underserved communities in the country, an unconventional yet overachieving charter school is working with locals to change the narrative for it