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Call Me Mule

A 72-year old man has been roaming the western United States and living outside with his pack mules for over three decades.

Shadow of a Wheel

They were teenagers who had never been far from home.

Three Chaplains

Three Muslim chaplains aim to make change in one of America’s most powerful institutions—the military. For them, the fight for equality and religious freedom begins on the inside.

Our Chinatown

DEAR CORKY: a fifteen minute short (tentative title)


Telling the remarkable stories of three survivors of long-term solitary confinement, Cloudland is a short animated documentary exploring how the human imagination can provide both solace and renewe

i mOtherhood

Stories of women, motherhood and modern medicine in the 21st century.

The Oakland Promise

THE OAKLAND PROMISE (working title)

Queer Christians (working title)

Combining intimate verité scenes with the raw emotion of visual poetic fiction, QUEER CHRISTIANS follows three queer Christian women of color as they struggle to reconcile their intersecting identi

Marching in the Dark

In a drought-struck region in India, suffering from climate change and a high suicide rate amongst farmers, a group of resilient women farmers, who recently lost their husbands, is coming together

The American Virus

The American Virus explores the systemic inequities and cultural inequalities at the heart of American society, as experienced by five groups of New Yorkers.

Virulent: The Vaccine War

"Virulent: The Vaccine War" examines the history of vaccine hesitancy and denial, and the effect Covid-19 has had on anti-vaccination activists.

Unbroken Smile

Unbroken Smile documents the heroic journey of a young woman who survived police brutality and defeated a gang of corrupt cops who broke her teeth and tried to frame her.

BAD FAITH: Christian Nationalism's War on Democracy

On January 6, 2021, invocations to Jesus rang out across the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C. as a violent confusion of forces attempted to overthrow the American government.

unMASKing Hope

In a world where images of trauma have become an almost daily occurrence, there’s a need to educate the general public about the lasting impact trauma has on survivors, their families and communiti

Like heroes

At the beginning of the 90's, in San Francisco, Sylvie sets up Ti Couz, an utopian creperie, made of self-management, ecological concerns, social rights for the employees.

Dear Sirs (formerly Wyoming WWII Film)

In November of 1944, Sgt Silvio J. Pedri of the 95th Infantry was sent on a mission to cross the Moselle river near Metz, France.

Dream Factory

In a city of northern Iran, all inhabitants are possessed by a feverish dream—to find ancient treasures believed to be buried in the ground.


Amidst a growing crisis in her homeland, a young Afghan girl nurtures a hidden dream of becoming an actress and finds solace from the relentless instability of refugee life in her brother-in-law’s

The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life

The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life, a one-hour documentary film formatted for public television, bears witness to the ancestral songs and ceremonies of many of the 130 differen

Little Tokyo Social Club

The Little Tokyo Social Club was where members of the Japanese Community met to have social dances, singing, current events and meeting halls to gather the newly established Japanese community in 1

Barbara Van Cleve's American West

The feature documentary BARBARA VAN CLEVE'S AMERICAN WEST recounts her family’s setteling to Montana in the early 19th century, her youth on a working ranch and tourist destination as a young woman

The Empty Chair

In the face of America’s increasingly powerful corporate class, young Starbucks employees have set in motion a unionization campaign that has swept the nation.

License to Tell

The counter-culture's main communications vehicle during the 1960s and 1970s was the alternative press.

Military Nurses: They Did The Best They Could

War, especially in the 21tst Century, is not uniquely a male experience yet much of what's been produced about the military focuses on male soldiers, doctors and generals.

The Silent Goldens

The Silent Goldens gives a rare and raw look a family’s first conversations about a suicide 30 years after it happened.


DeAngelo Washington thought baseball was his ticket out of poverty, but after a major injury he discovers an unlikely sport - mountain biking.

No Ordinary Campaign

At 37, Brian Wallach was diagnosed with ALS—on the same day he and his wife Sandra brought their second daughter home from the hospital. In an instant, everything changed.

Our NBA: Remembering the Eastern Professional Basketball League

The Eastern Professional Basketball League was the second-best pro basketball league in the country during the 1950s and early '60s when the NBA had 10 or fewer teams and only 100 players, an unwri

The Race To Save the World

The Race to Save the World is a feature documentary film that follows the inspiring stories of everyday people who are devoting their lives to fighting climate change.

Central Coast Queer Archive Project

The Central Coast Queer Archive Project (CCQAP) is an oral history collaborative that documents the lives of members of the LGBTQ+ community who have settled on the California Central Coast...peopl

Colors of White Rock

Sweeping over the Gobi Desert wastelands wrought by Mongolia’s mining boom, “Colors of White Rock” captures the story of Maikhuu, one of the rare women truck drivers fighting for survival along the

Serious Breakdown

Serious Breakdown: Teenage Mental Health in America spans the entire US, following five high schoolers and the people around them.

Alien: A Documentary about legal, high-skilled immigrants in the US

Advances in science and technology in America depend heavily on high-skilled legal immigrants from across the globe.


After battling cancer for over thirteen years, Joyce Mallonee has decided to channel her experiences into an art show called Deconstruction.