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Welcome to the fundraising page for our special Social Issue Theatrical Presentations. Your support will significantly expand the reach of the films extraordinary scientific discoveries to major

East County Yalla

Drawing on his own childhood struggles adjusting to life in the US, Lebanese-American Mark Kabban uses soccer to help kids like Yousif Khummi, a recent refugee from Iraq, emerge from the shadow of war

Eat Drink Laugh

EAT, DRINK, LAUGH tells the story of legendary comedy club Comic Strip Live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a place rich with history -- and laughs -- that has put its own indelible imprint on

Eat Your Catfish

Kathryn’s neuromuscular disease has left her paralyzed and her family’s relations in tatters. Though despair finally overwhelms her, she holds on to see her daughter’s wedding. Drawn from 930 hours of

Echo's Answer

“Echo’s Answer” is a psychedelic reimagining of the life and work of the late visionary singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Trish Keenan told through the eyes and ears of

Edward M. Bannister: An American Artist

Edward M. Bannister: An American Artist, a documentary film, will combine Bannister's sketches and paintings, special FX of his painting techniques, sketch-style animated sequences, as well as rare

El Beisbol: The Story of Latinos in Baseball

El Béisbol is a two-hour documentary that takes an in-depth look at Latinos and Baseball. We'll explore how and when the game was introduced in the Caribbean and Latin America; and we'll emphasize the

El Sistema USA!

EL SISTEMA USA! is an hour long documentary about a new music education experiment in Philadelphia based on Venezuela's El Sistema program. It is produced in association with TED and The New England

El Susto

In Mexico, when Type 2 diabetes hits epidemic proportions, public health activists scramble to curb sugary drink consumption, which is among the highest in the world. They find even simple public

Elder Financial Abuse: The Invisible Crime

The financial exploitation of older people is a growing epidemic that is costing seniors in America an estimated $2.9 billion annually. Every day of the year, ten thousand people turn 65, and this

Election Integrity Project 2022

This film looks at the aftermath of the 2020 general election, where efforts to spread disinformation and overturn the presidential election results nearly caused a constitutional crisis. Looking

Electronic Voyager: Retracing Bob Moog's Sonic Journey

Electronic Voyager is a feature-length documentary that follows Michelle Moog-Koussa on an emotional road trip journey, retracing her father’s groundbreaking footsteps. Michelle’s father is the late

Elevation Change

Twenty four year-old athlete Sam Fox moves through life with confidence and ease. But when he launches a highly publicized campaign to break the speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail, and raise a

Endangered in California

Be inspired as unique species are brought back from the brink of extinction. This documentary film highlights six iconic California species and the charismatic scientists who have played a critical

Ending Edithmae

Ending Edithmae unmasks a seemingly perfect family - wealthy, well-educated, successful and tight knit - who precipitate their mother's death and implode under the glare of homicide detectives

Enduring Ice

When snow and sea ice vanish, Earth changes colour. Its surface gets darker and less reflective, absorbing more of the sun’s energy. Like a flick of a light switch, temperatures rise. The dire data

Escape From Death Valley

In the winter of 1849 a wagon train was lost in an unknown American desert. A “cursed hole” – the doomed immigrants soon named it, “Death Valley.” No water, no food, no way out. Two men volunteered

Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart

Every weekend, at rodeos from Illinois to California, teams of young, Mexican American women, Escaramuzas Charras, climb onto their sidesaddles in elegant charra skirts or ruffled adelita dresses and

Estado de Excecao (State of Exception)

As Rio de Janeiro prepares to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics, a community of self-described “urban Indians” are threatened with forced eviction to make way for a stadium named after

Estranged: Stories of Survival

Estranged... dissects the complex terrain of Indian Muslim women's rights to livelihood, education and equitable access to justice through the lens of divorce practices in the Indian Muslim community

Everest Dark

Everest Dark is a feature documentary that takes us on a daring expedition with world-renowned Nepalese mountaineer Mingma Tsiri Sherpa. With 19 summits already under his belt, Mingma had sworn off


EVERY BODY IN THE ROOM is a lyrical documentary portrait of celebrated theater director Anne Bogart's work with the SITI Company, one of theater's most influential and innovative companies, as they

Everyday is a Gift: Portrait of Caring in South Africa

In September 2009, Wayne Schoenfeld, film maker and photographer, and Nadia Duguay, producer and organizer, left for Cape Town (South Africa) to shoot a film about the care for the sick and dying

Everything Must Change

“Everything Must Change” is a an Iranian-American woman’s search for meaning after her recurrent diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  This first-person, follow-along documentary unfolds in real time over 6

Everything You Have is Yours

Everything You Have Is Yours is inspired by the story and award-winning work of choreographer Hadar Ahuvia. Hadar is the granddaughter of Zionist 'kibbutzniks,' collectivist pioneers who paved the way


Do you believe in Evolution? Taking Darwin's theory as a point of inception, Evolutions examines the relationship between science and religion over the last two hundred years, and takes a look at the

Exile Nation: The Plastic People

Shot under extremely dangerous conditions using concealed cameras, The Plastic People captures the humanity in the millions of Mexican American deportees as they struggle to survive a Cartel war

Exodus Stories: Voices from the Caravan

With intimate access, Exodus Stories follows the high-stakes journeys of Central American immigrants Daisy, Dennis, and Cindy who escape violence and persecution and join the 2018-19 migrant caravans

Expedition Parkimanjaro

Expedition Parkimanjaro documents the journey of Marco Masoni, a father, educator and adventurer diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease who tackles climbing Mount Kilimanjaro while being

Exquisite Wasteland

“Exquisite Wasteland” shatters the popular myth that deserts are lifeless, barren, and worthless. In fact, they are home to astonishing biodiversity, extraordinary animals, verdant oases, soul

Eyes of Eden

In a region scarred by conflict, with a people stained by distrust, a simple act of kindness may be the most difficult act of all to conclude.  “The Eyes of Eden” is the documentary tale of an effort

The Elements of Mutual Aid

Through four installments, this documentary series will use the elements - fire, earth, water, and air - as unique themes for each chapter to demonstrate how communities across North America are

The Empress

THE EMPRESS, a feature documentary, is a deep dive into the raw world of women’s prizefighting, seen through the eyes of the rising star, Alicia Napoleon Espinosa, a glamorous boxer on a campaign to

The Empty Chair

In the face of America’s increasingly powerful corporate class, young Starbucks employees have set in motion a unionization campaign that has swept the nation. This underdog story follows the workers

The Envisionaries

The Envisionaries is a documentary film about blind soccer players and the people who believe in them.