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A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

"A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour" is a feature-length documentary about Gregg Gour, a 48-year-old HIV positive gay man who is on the "Road Trip" of his life. Gregg has lived with HIV

A Fire Came to Cleanse Us

The Yazidis are a small religious group scattered across northern Iraq. In August 2014, their ancient culture collapsed as ISIS militants swarmed into their homeland and targeted their communities for

A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story

"He was a little man who made coffee and played the harmonica - and that was enough!" Bill Sackter's life didn't start out extraordinary. As a child, he was abandoned by his family and spent 44 years


Presenting the power of architecture on the world’s imagination and its ability to affect a nation’s dreams…

“FACE OF A NATION: What happened to the World’s Fair?” captures erosion of the American

Facing Future

We stand for the equitable protection and preservation of Life on Earth. We aim to improve the quality and likelihood of humanity’s chances for survival. The alarm has already been sounded and while

Fail State

In an expansive documentary exposé, Fail State reveals the dark story behind the rise of predatory for-profit colleges and why our higher education system, once the envy of the world, is leaving

Falling Up

Los Angeles has been given the title of "Homeless Capital of the United States" for many years. Although,the number of homeless on the streets are staggering,we must not forget that there are those

False Positives

In Colombia under Alvaro Uribe's presidency members of the Army have killed hundreds of innocent civilians, claimed them as guerrillas killed in combat, for the purpose of showing military success and

FANNY: The Right to Rock

Photo Credit: Linda Wolf ©

FANNY: The Right to Rock reveals the incredible, untold story of three Filipina American teens who self-founded a garage band in the 1960s that morphed into the ferocious


FEAT chronicles one man's coast-to-coast quest to run 63 marathons in 63 consecutive days, while pushing a jogging stroller. Endurance runner Timothy Borland seeks to raise awareness and research


FEELING SEEN is a feature length documentary. In the film, director Beth Ryne investigates the personal and social impact of representations of queer women on TV through conversations with TV creators

FEMINISTS: What Were They Thinking?

In 1977, a book of photographs captured an awakening – women shedding the cultural restrictions of their childhoods and embracing their full humanity. Feminists – What Were They Thinking? revisits

Ferguson Rises

Join Mobolaji and the Ferguson Rises team on our Oscar journey! We need your help to raise the final campaign funds needed to reach the coveted Academy Awards shortlist. Ultimately, we hope to bring

Fifty Violins

For 20 years, Kettering Elementary—a public school in Long Beach, California—has taught every second grader the violin as a part of its core curriculum.

Finding A Mother

Finding A Mother is story of Healing. This documentary is a socio-economic, mental health awareness film centered around an African American Producer Rakeem Nowell, as he tries to locate his

Finding Ma

A visceral, bold documentary about a family’s resilience in the face of addiction, homelessness, incarceration, and foster care.

After ten years, Thanh Tran is released from prison with a drive to

Finding Your Voice

An uplifting and heartfelt, one-hour, Verite docu-series, following America’s premiere operatic countertenor, the astonishingly talented John Holiday; as he performs in the world’s most prestigious

Five Sisters

Five Sisters (working title) paints a portrait of five sisters, in their 70s and 80s. During their annual get-together shortly after the first of the sisters’ husbands has passed away, the youngest

Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement

Help bring Fixed into millions of homes in 2015. Support our fundraising efforts for Fixed's public TV broadcast! 

All donations are tax-deductible. 

From botox to bionic limbs, the human body is more


"Flashback" dramatically unspools the science behind the long-standing controversy over "recovered memory" of child sexual abuse. Exclusive footage brings the social history of the hard-fought

For Kicks

Semi-retired Chicago postal worker Eugene Thomas reflects on his life, music, and martial arts practice. Oh, and that decade between the 80s and 90s when he was an international celebrity, starring in

For Such A Time as This

"For Such a Time as This" poses and seeks to answer several provocative questions: Is reconciliation between Evangelical Christians and the Gay community possible? Can common ground be found in the

For the Life of Me

Los Angeles, summer, 1945, a young boy, whose parents fled from Germany twelve years earlier, is adjusting to his mother’s fragile state of mind. She has just returned from months in a psychiatric

Freak Power

Behind the Scenes documentary of the film, Freak Power

Free Chol Soo Lee

FREE CHOL SOO LEE tells the story of a Korean American death row inmate convicted of a 1973 Chinatown gangland murder in San Francisco, and the activists who led a pan-Asian American movement to free

Freedom Seekers: Black Seminoles of the Past and Present

'Freedom Seekers: Black Seminoles of the Past and Present' documentary examines the creators of the first underground railroad which resulted in the largest slave rebellion in United States’ history

Freeing Juanita

Ana and Pedro, an indigenous Chuj-Maya aunt and uncle from the highlands of Guatemala, cross Mexico to free their niece, Juanita, who has been unjustly detained for over seven years, tortured into a

Freep Film Festival

Freep Film Festival is a documentary-focused event, with special attention paid to films connected to Detroit and Michigan — or with special resonance there. It believes great journalism and great

Frida's Gaze

Frida’s Gaze, will look at the last years of Frida Kahlo’s life through her diary taking us from the mid 1940’s to the present. We will trace her transformation from a recognized artist in Mexico to

From Cairo to the Cloud - The World of the Cairo Geniza

We are thrilled to announce that the film will air nationally on PBS late in 2022.

Your generous support will enable us to prepare the film for broadcast and expose new audiences to this unique

From Heroes to Sentenced

The story of half million Jews who fought for Central Powers, Germany, Austria-Hungary, in the Great War, has yet to be told.

Jews had enjoyed full citizen rights for almost 50 years when World War I

From Place to Place

From Place to Place is a feature documentary that spends two years in the lives of six young adults who recently aged out of foster care. At age 18 they were forced to leave foster care without the

From Prisoner to Professional

After spending years behind bars, six people return back to society looking to become “outstanding citizens” only to have to fight against unjust laws and policies preventing them. From Prisoner to

From the Shadows

A silent tragedy is taking place in Japan with alarming frequency and it's long past time to bring it into the light. Japan is a country where parental abduction and retention happens everyday. It