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A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

  • Barbara Green & Michelle Boyaner, Director/Producer

About the Project

"A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour" is a feature-length documentary about Gregg Gour, a 48-year-old HIV positive gay man who is on the "Road Trip" of his life. Gregg has lived with HIV/AIDS for 24 years, and in July of 2004, after struggling with the side-effects for so long, he stopped taking the HIV/AIDS medications that were making him sicker than the disease itself. When Gregg was given six months to live in December of 2005 he gave away all his belongings, bought an RV, and decided to travel cross-country with his dog Cody, saying goodbye to family and friends in his �Goodbye & No Regrets Tour.� Adding to the poignancy of his trip was the fact that Gregg intended to �hasten his death� before he would need to be hospitalized.