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THE RISE, FALL, AND REBIRTH OF A ROCK-AND-ROLL CATHEDRAL: In the 1970s, the Agora Ballroom concert clubs brought rock-and-roll to the heartland of

How does military service change the course of a person’s life? This is the central question of “Moving Like Pond Water” as it delves into real

A documentary illustrating the transformative process of a very special leadership camp where high school boys learn how to better communicate their

Years after K's classmates were massacred in his school, he records the lives of Machid, who attends the same school, and Khatima, who works in the

Georg is an Austrian retiree whose mother witnessed the crash of an Allied B-17 near their home during World War II. When he takes up metal detecting

A headstrong community activist confronts aging, reactionary forces and community disillusionment to restart a defunct branch of the NAACP in the

Sisterhood: How Women Can Save the World (working title) chronicles how diverse, inclusive communities of women from six continents are making

"612" is a powerful documentary that follows the compelling journey of Diem Van Groth, a biracial man with a dual heritage, as he grapples with the

In their homeland Los Angeles, members of the Kizh-Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians are responding to the city’s ecological crisis by reviving the