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The life of three Palestinian siblings in Norway is turned upside down by a knife attack, and they try to recover through an apple farming initiative

"Tasting Heritage" is a coming of culture story about a Korean-American woman's savory journey to reclaim her heritage through food.

AI WEIWEI’S TURANDOT follows Chinese revolutionary artist, Ai Weiwei, as he brings his artistic vision and iconoclastic activism to Puccini’s Turandot at the Rome Opera House during his directorial operatic debut.

“We All Live In Gaza” follows the lives of five Palestinian artists before and after the 2023 siege, shining a light on the Palestinian heart.

“Rock Behind the Wall" unveils the untold story of Bulgarian rock and roll's past, present, and future from the tightly controlled era of communism to the modern era of oligarchs' media control, which ranks last in media freedom among all EU countries.

“The Cherán Way" captures the compelling story of Cherán, a P'urhépecha indigenous town in Mexico, rising against illegal logging to achieve self

Healing Trauma: The Resilient Soul is a documentary that follows the lives of four diverse individuals who are all survivors of trauma. The film

The Archival Producers Alliance was founded in 2023 to bring together archival producers to explore contemporary issues facing our industry, and to

After decades of upholding a deeply-rooted family tradition, a Bengali-American woman mines the generational trauma hidden behind her religious practices.

Ana and Pedro, an indigenous Chuj-Maya aunt and uncle from the highlands of Guatemala, cross Mexico to free their niece, Juanita, who has been unjustly detained for over seven years, tortured into a false confession in a language she did not speak.