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A filmmaker discovers four siblings who were conceived through a donor, using a DNA test. They embark on a journey across the United States to form a

An uplifting and heartfelt, one-hour, Verite docu-series, following America’s premiere operatic countertenor, the astonishingly talented John Holiday

Tipping Point PA follows three progressive candidate/activists in Pennsylvania’s heartland who are waging the battle of ideals that will determine the

Trading Gifts is about the impact, history and future of trade between two partners - African nations and the United States of America, in a world

In the face of America’s increasingly powerful corporate class, young Starbucks employees have set in motion a unionization campaign that has swept

Minnie endured years of abuse working in the American porn industry. Despite escaping with only her life, she is haunted by trauma that presents in

The Little Tokyo Social Club was where members of the Japanese Community met to have social dances, singing, current events and meeting halls to

Upon learning of her estranged mother's cancer diagnosis, first time filmmaker Ondrea Barbe traces their final years together in an experimental and

Years of mounting tensions between multicultural, anti-racist skinheads and white neo-Nazi groups led to two brutal murders in the desert outside Las

Hunter S. Thompson was an icon of American journalism and stomped upon global culture. He also could have a truly profound effect on people -- via his