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i Am Gen Z

Investigated through expert interviews and the web lens of Generation Z, the documentary explores how the explosion of the digital revolution is impacting our society, our brains and mental health


Max Linder, the first international movie star, was once revered in France, throughout Europe, and Hollywood. Charlie Chaplin was his most revered acolyte. Max miraculously cheated death five times

i mOtherhood

Stories of women, motherhood and modern medicine in the 21st century. An exploration of reproductive consciousness and the impact of technology, social forces and coronavirus on the future of family.

I Still Haven't Found My Family

10,000 war-separated Korean families were reunited during a live broadcast in 1983. But for those who still haven’t found their families, time is running out.

I Work With the Dead

What does it take to make your living working with dead bodies? The funeral homes workers, the morticians, the medical examiners and forensic detectives. What have they gleamed by working with the

I'm Leaving Now

Felipe has come to a crossroads. After 16 years in Brooklyn, working three low-paying jobs and collecting bottles on the street in his spare time and sending the bulk of his earnings home to his

I'm Not Her

Minnie endured years of abuse working in the American porn industry. Despite escaping with only her life, she is haunted by trauma that presents in her memories and is preserved in her adult films

I've Got The Power

Amidst rising oppression in Turkey, two women, a doctor and a sex worker join forces to confront death and seek healing after the tragic deaths of their loved ones. They transform pain into power by

Icky Fingers

When legendary rock keyboardist Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer died, the music world was shocked. It was an open secret amongst musicians he had been suffering for years with repetitive

Iconic Vision: John Parkison, Architect of Los Angeles

This one-hour documentary will tell the story of how the son of a mill worker from the industrial north of England come to design the modern Los Angeles cityscape. John Parkinson is the architect who

Imitating Life - The Audacity of Suzanne Heintz

Unprecedented access into the riveting world of a courageous artist provocateur, who creates a mannequin family results in a raw, funny and intimate portrait of life through her lens. "Joan Rivers: A

Impact Stories: California's LGBT History

Telling the stories of LGBT people who helped change our history. Using powerful voice, video and interactive displays that uncover the impact of LGBT activism in California from 1966 to 1981. First


Improv(e), follows the work of the Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, teaching improv to a group of 14 to 17 year old kids in an after school program at John C. Fremont High School; a school with a 50%

In a Moment: The Johan Aspelin Story

In a Moment explores a California family’s tragic entanglement with a corrupted system: the severity of medical errors in the United States Healthcare System, the faulty investigation practices of

In a Strange Land

In a Strange Land follows the story of Mu Hpare, a refugee from Burma and member of the Kayan tribe (a.k.a Long Neck Women), who has resettled in the U.S. She is a young, single mother who is

In a Wintry Season

My father was a priest and my mother was a nun.  This is their story.

In Pursuit of Justice

Every exoneration story has a lesson.

With 2,220,300 of our citizens incarcerated, the United States has the largest prison population in the world. Experts believe five percent of those prisoners-

In the Blood

“In the Blood” is a feature-length documentary film about boxing from the inside out- a prequel to the sequel. At the heart of the film is the story, both inside and outside the ring, of 16-year-old

In the Footsteps of Harry T. Moore

A headstrong community activist confronts aging, reactionary forces and community disillusionment to restart a defunct branch of the NAACP in the hopes that it will help counter the erosion of social

In The Public Interest

Exploring American radio’s obligation to serve the public interest, this four-part limited docuseries traces the battle for control of the public airwaves by private companies, weighing the impact of

Incarnations of I

After decades of upholding a deeply-rooted family tradition, a Bengali-American woman mines the generational trauma hidden behind her religious practices.

INFINITE HOPE: Martin Luther King Community Hospital

Almost a decade after the King/Drew Medical Center in South Los Angeles was forced to shut down in the wake of gross mismanagement and escalating fatalities, a new state of the art hospital rises out

Inquiry of Shadows

"Inquiry of Shadows" is a documentary that delves into the hidden depths of the Uyghur genocide in China. Through personal accounts, expert insights, and historical analysis, the film unveils the dark

Interaction Cowboy

Interaction Cowboy looks at the failing education system in the US and the potential for better models of learning than the current, test-taking one. It’s told through the lens of my dad’s life and

Into The Underground

Enter the world of Termite Art where acclaimed film critic and painter Manny Farber coined the term “Underground Films,” revealed movies as a true popular art form, celebrated American Action

Inventing Tomorrow

Meet passionate teenage innovators from around the globe who are creating cutting-edge solutions to confront the world’s environmental threats – found right in their own backyards – while navigating

ISKRA (Spark!)

ISKRA, 'Spark' in English, was the electro-technical and telecommunications company of non-aligned, socialist Yugoslavia. One of their first major products was to build enough 35mm film projectors so

The IF Project

In the United States, there are over 6.8 million people in prison, jail, on probation or parole. That is 1 in every 35 adults. Perhaps even more alarming is that women are the fastest growing segment

The Irritable Heart - The Story of Sergeant Twiggs

The Irritable Heart is a documentary film chronicling the life of Marine Staff Sergeant Travis Twiggs, a decorated Iraq war veteran. Sergeant Twiggs developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ("PTSD")

With This Breath I Fly

At the height of the international occupation of Afghanistan, two women – Gulnaz, raped and impregnated by her uncle, and Farida, on the run from an abusive husband – are imprisoned on charges of