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BAD ON PAPER takes us on one woman’s rollicking journey toward creative expression. In midlife, singer/ songwriter Elizabeth Cook is breaking new ground, musically and personally. Years ago, she was

Oceania: Encounters at the Edge

“We have forgotten how to remember so much…” —Teresia Teaiwa
OCEANIA spans opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean in search of what ties our seemingly fragmented histories, disparate experiences and

Of Jaguars, Sky Islands, and Us

He was young, handsome, mysterious, and wanted. He was looking for a mate. After growing to adulthood in the Santa Rita Mountains just 30 miles from Tucson, Arizona, he was already gone when videos of

Of Kings and Paintings

The art of the Qajar Era in Iran, from 1785 to 1925, includes some of the most remarkable paintings of any culture. OF KINGS AND PAINTINGS brings the wealth and importance of this extraordinary period

Of Two Minds

Over five million Americans have some form of bipolar disorder...and all of us are touched by it. OF TWO MINDS explores what it really feels like to be bipolar - from the raging highs of grandiosity

OMG It's A Miracle!

OMG It's A Miracle is the spiritual successor to the hit documentary Screaming Masterpiece, reconnecting with the musicians featured in its predecessor. Screaming Masterpiece was an exploration of the

On My Way Out

All families have secrets. Having survived the Holocaust, Nani and Popi raised a family in America, endeared themselves to a wide circle of friends, and built a successful business. Now at age 95, a

On the Day

Glasgow, Scotland. It's the World Pipe Band Championships -- 8000 musicians from 16 countries. All on one day. This year a new group joins the battle of the bands. Calling themselves The Spirit of

On These Grounds

An explosive video goes viral, showing a white school resource officer in South Carolina throw a Black teenager from her school desk. An outraged nation divides over who is at fault and what role race

Once Upon A Time In The C.I.A.

True story of a small-town Texan who changed the destiny of an Asian hilltribe, and was changed by them in turn. The inside story of a huge covert operation that actually succeeded ... for a while

One Hand Clapping

A journey down the river inside the Grand Canyon transforms the lives of six recently disabled individuals. Six athletes with disabilities will mentor six more recently disabled students for two weeks

Opioid Nation

Opioid addiction is destroying entire communities across America. Every day 175 Americans die from opioid overdoses. That’s one death every 10 minutes.

These facts present the symptoms of an

Oracle: The Life & Music of Michael Hedges

A feature documentary about the life and music of Michael Hedges. The eldest son of Midwestern musicians/educators, Michael Hedges was a young musical prodigy – with an emerging talent that would take

Orangutan Mama

The orangutan is on the verge of extinction due to poaching and habitat loss. Now deep in the heart of Borneo orangutans and Dayaks, the local aboriginal people, have come together in a unique program

Other People's Footage: Copyright & Fair Use

Other People’s Footage: Fair Use in Scripted Films explores the principles of fair use as they relate to scripted films. Through interviews with knowledgeable entertainment lawyers, film professionals

Out From Under Us

Out From Under Us is a feature documentary about why members of the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda fear a genocidal campaign against them by President Museveni's regime. Acholi civilians were


OUT LOUD chronicles the first season of the historic Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, the largest group of transgender and gender nonconforming people anywhere in the world who regularly sing together

Out of Order

Out of Order is a feature length documentary following the journey of three queer members of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Most gay and transgender people know what it feels like to be told they are


"Best Documentary"

2013 Boston International Film Festival

Out On A Limb explores the evolution of prosthetics and the exciting advances being made at the intersection of neuroscience, engineering

OUTWORDS: The National Interview Archive of the LGBTQ Experience

OUTWORDS is the first-ever national project to document the remarkable evolution of the LGBTQ community over the past several decades, through on-camera interviews with the people who led


OVERKILL is a documentary that analyzes why U.S. defense spending in a post-Cold War era has largely been "overkill" and threatens to bankrupt America.

Through interviews with military experts and

Overload: America's Toxic Love Story

Before starting a family, Soozie Eastman, daughter of an industrial chemical distributor, embarks on a journey to find out the levels of toxins in her body and explores if there is anything she or

The Oakland Promise

THE OAKLAND PROMISE (working title)

What happens when an entire city prioritizes college completion for every public school student? We are documenting the multi-faceted Oakland Promise education

The Odyssey Project

As the nation struggles with the systemic history of mass incarceration, four courageous incarcerated youth of color, inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, strive to avoid becoming victims of the prison

The Opioid Trilogy

THE OPIOID TRILOGY is a triptych of short, animated documentaries looking at the opioid epidemic through the demand side of addiction. Each film is a conversation between an individual in recovery

The Other Man: F.W. de Klerk and the End of Apartheid in South Africa

In less than four years, Frederik Willem de Klerk went from being Nelson Mandela's jailor to his Deputy President.

De Klerk served as President of South Africa from 1989 to 1994. Initially a supporter