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  • Stephon Litwinczuk, Director/Producer

About the Project

Los Angeles has been given the title of "Homeless Capital of the United States" for many years. Although,the number of homeless on the streets are staggering,we must not forget that there are those who can and do overcome homelessness.

In 2004, Stephon Litwinczuk took to the streets of Los Angeles to launch his first documentary film. There he met Johnny Popp, a homeless Vietnam vet. The meeting marked the start of an eight-year journey charting the fate of this lost soul living out his days on Skid Row. The portrait of Johnny Popp runs counter to many preconceptions of the homeless. Intelligent, gifted with a sense of humor and a philosophical attitude, he practices a brutally honest self-awareness.

An unanticipated twist in Popp's story comes in the form of a blessing-and-a-curse incident. Housed in a nursing home after a severe beating, Johnny makes two discoveries. The first is a restored appreciation for fundamental comforts: a clean bed, his own bathroom, regular hot meals. The second and the most important is Lorraine, a fellow patient who also is homeless and ready for change. Johnny has a new chance at life and the question is...will he take it?