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For Such A Time as This

  • Lisa Darden, Director/Producer

About the Project

"For Such a Time as This" poses and seeks to answer several provocative questions: Is reconciliation between Evangelical Christians and the Gay community possible? Can common ground be found in the intense culture wars that have consumed our nation? Central to evangelical efforts to reach out to the Gay community are ex-gay ministries that encourage people to pray and help them not be gay. "For Such A Time As This" explores the issue by interviewing key players from both sides of the growing divide. This film offers a compelling and comprehensive inside-view and illuminates the issue as never before. We aim to turn ignorance into understanding and transform prejudice into promise. The film's goal is to build a bridge and offer hope for all. Production is underway, with interviews and comments already being contributed by nationally known actors, theologians, ministers, authors and professionals from all walks of life.