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  • Viviana Madronero-Rivero, Director
  • Mark Fox, Producer

About the Project

In Colombia under Alvaro Uribe's presidency members of the Army have killed hundreds of innocent civilians, claimed them as guerrillas killed in combat, for the purpose of showing military success and to get benefits. This scandal became known by the name of "false positives" or "extrajudicial executions." The False Positives documentary will explore the story of three families from different parts of Colombia who had family members killed and posed as guerillas killed in combat by the Colombian army. The documentary will also explore: 1. How the rewards system in the practice of False Positives and how the organizations planning these acts work? 2. What has happened to the perpetrators and the status of legal proceedings against them? 3. How the problem has been portrayed by the media and perceived by public? 4. The history of enforced disappearance in Colombia , which culminates in the implementation of the policy of Democratic Security.