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Everest Dark

  • Jereme Watt, Director
  • Ina Fichman, Producer
  • Merit Jensen Carr, Producer
  • Jereme Watt, Producer
  • Michael Bodnarchuk, Producer

Renowned climber Minga Tsiri Sherpa stands holding walking poles in his hands and wearing a backpack as he looks out towards the Himalayan mountains which are also seen behind him in the distance.

About the Project

Everest Dark is a feature documentary that takes us on a daring expedition with world-renowned Nepalese mountaineer Mingma Tsiri Sherpa. With 19 summits already under his belt, Mingma had sworn off ever summiting again after the devastating 2015 earthquake that killed 22 climbers, but after the death count reached another 11 in 2019, he decided that something must be done to appease Sagarmatha, the angered god of the mountain.

In Everest Dark, Mingma leads a team from Nepal on a deeply spiritual and high-risk expedition as they attempt to recover the bodies of fallen climbers and return them to their families.