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Expedition Parkimanjaro

  • Marco Masoni, Director/Producer
  • GianGabriel Masoni, Producer
  • Jeff Tremaine, Producer
  • Carolyn Whittaker, Producer

An image of Mount Kilimanjaro at sunset with clouds and a savanna tree in the foreground

About the Project

Expedition Parkimanjaro documents the journey of Marco Masoni, a father, educator and adventurer diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease who tackles climbing Mount Kilimanjaro while being virtually accompanied by people with Parkinson’s all over the world.

During each leg of Marco's climb, his fellow virtual climbers will take as many steps as they can wherever they are located to replicate what he's doing on Kilimanjaro. The journey of one becomes a journey of many to fight forward when faced with a devastating neurological and movement disorder.

Footage of Marco's ascent will be combined with video snippets of his virtual companions' "steps to Kilimanjaro" to tell a heartwarming story and create an inspiring documentary encouraging people with Parkinson's to keep moving in spite of their disability.

Funds that are raised will be used to cover travel / guide expenses of the climb up Kilimanjaro, camera and sound equipment, hiring a cinematographer, postproduction and distribution.