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As always, SPK: Vignettes of Going Beyond Beyond

  • Wendy Lisa Katz and Debi Katz, Director/Producer

Shirley Price Katz wears sunglass and looks at the camera.

About the Project

Shirley Price Katz (SPK) is simultaneously healing from brain injuries and dying from an aggressive uterine cancer. She joins the millions who become brain injured each year and the multitude of those who are misdiagnosed and under served. This project is informed by Shirley's words, "We must learn the language of adaptation. We must go beyond beyond," as she enlightens the viewer with resilience, love, and insight amidst her journey in the world of uncertainty, behavior changes, and sleep deprivation.

Four days after her emergency craniotomy, Shirley declares to her daughters: "This is very historic. You must document this. Bring in your cameras." The filmmakers honor their mother's prophetic wishes. Shot as Direct Cinema, As always, SPK: Vignettes of Going Beyond Beyond paints a kaleidoscope of Shirley's challenges. Due to her cognitive deterioration during rehabilitation, Shirley's cancer surgery is canceled and doctors predict her imminent death. Wendy and Debi bring their mother home to die.

Shirley's indomitable spirit energizes her exuberance as she defies the prognosis "you will die a horrible death within three weeks". Her daughters/filmmakers remain her advocates and caregivers round the clock for thirteen months. Friends and family become a school of themselves, all in Shirley's cosmos growing exponentially. As always, SPK: Vignettes of Going Beyond Beyond shows the importance of loving participation. The humanity in her purity, wisdom, and precision in expression throughout this intimate documentary jubilantly unveils Shirley's ethical will as narrative.