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Neoliberalism: The Invisible Doctrine

  • Peter Hutchison, Director/Producer
  • Lucas Sabean, Director/Producer

About the Project

"Neoliberalism: The Invisible Doctrine", explores the incisive work of leading cultural intellectual & best-selling author George Monbiot ("Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics in the Age of Crisis"), in the latest project from award-winning documentary filmmakers Peter Hutchison & Lucas Sabean ("Requiem for the American Dream", "Healing From Hate", "Devil Put the Coal in the Ground").

The “Invisible Doctrine” that very few of us fully understand, neoliberalism has come to both govern and constrain our lives. A core driver of economic inequality and social atomization – it is, at once, prime mover and chief obfuscator of the urgent & catastrophic environmental crises we now face.

Here, Monbiot deconstructs the roots, secretive propagation and deep impact of neoliberalism; and how it's come to play such a profound role in transforming our economics, politics and environment – converting us from citizens into consumers in the process.