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Amplifying “Small” Stories: New Wave of Creative Documentaries from India


In recent years, “creative documentaries,” especially those from India, have soared to new heights globally, carving out a unique space in world cinema. What exactly are "creative documentaries," and how do they intersect with Indian and Western audiences? India has experienced a rise in successful documentaries, yet many of these projects are primarily made possible through support from Western funding bodies and institutions. This dynamic prompts reflection on the tenets by which decisions to fund these films are made.

Spring 2024

This print issue of Documentary comes right before IDA’s biennial industry conference, Getting Real. In the tradition of past magazine issues that immediately precede the conference, this issue previews the conference’s themes of “Strategy, Networks, Access” through interviews with speakers whose work will be featured at the conference. At this point, however, I should show my hand. I’m not only the editor of this publication but also the conference director of Getting Real. These pieces illustrate the heterogeneous and earnest quality of the dialogue we hope to model at the conference—and model the actions we hope these conversations will inspire toward a more just and distributed documentary ecosystem.Articles featured in the print version will be published online throughout April-June, 2024.
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Doc of the Week


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