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Letter to President Biden to End ICE Retribution

By Simon Kilmurry

END ICE RETRIBUTION: No one should be targeted for speaking up.

Dear Documentary Community:

In 2019, many of you joined our call to federal immigration leaders to release Claudio Rojas, the protagonist of the Sundance Award-winning documentary The Infiltrators, from immigration detention in Florida. Claudio had been detained by ICE after the release of the film in early 2019, in which he spoke critically of US immigration policy. His detention and subsequent deportation were clear retribution for his constitutionally-protected use of political speech. Claudio’s lawyers continue to fight in court for his right of return to the United States, where he lived for 19 years prior to deportation, and where he has children and grandchildren.

In these early days of a new administration in Washington, we must send a clear message to President Biden. ICE must stop punishing immigrants for expressing their views, whether in the context of our work or otherwise. Secondly, it is time to reverse the deportation of Claudio and others like him who have been illegally targeted for their speech. Please join us by adding your name to this letter.

Thank you for your continued support!

Additional Signatures: