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Extended Reality (XR) Master Class

IDA Offices, 3470 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 980, Los Angeles CA 90010

Join us for an Extended Reality (XR) Master Class with VR editor and producer Jennifer Tiexiera. Both of her films, ZIKR: A Sufi Revival and The Day the World Changed, screened at Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals. Extended reality (XR) is the new umbrella term covering virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. The Master Class will feature a hands-on approach to the world of XR, from terminology, the creative team structure, to the current tools and techniques that are being utilized in this space. This seminar will equip nonfiction filmmakers with practical XR for documentary knowledge. Learn how to tell an experiential story and develop effective strategies for funding and distribution.

As a special feature of the class, Tiexiera will workshop how to adapt traditional format documentary projects into the XR format. Attendees are welcome to apply with their loglines; entries will be selected before the class. (Details to participate will be sent to you upon registration.)

Prior to the class, we highly encourage attendees to experience Tiexiera’s project, The Last Goodbye, currently on view at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (click for tickets).