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IDA Member Office Hours - Open Call Information and Q&A


IDA member and staff holding drinks at a FallDocs reception. Left to Right: IDA member, IDA staff Armando Zamudio, IDA staff Keisha Knight, IDA volunteer

IDA members and staff gather at a FallDocs reception in Los Angeles.

The IDA Funds team has slowly been getting to know more and more working filmmakers within our Membership. They are eager to get to know more about you and your projects through our next granting cycle for the Open Call. Funds will open applications to both the Enterprise and Pare Lorentz grants at the end of May. The application questions for both grants will be based on the Core Application

Join Maria Santos and Katy Hurley from the IDA Funds team, as they present the two grants, their designed intentions, and how they evaluate applications. During this Member Hour, you will also get an opportunity to ask questions of the team. 

To register for the Member Hours, please log in to your IDA member portal.