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Getting Real NOW

As our everyday lives become progressively computational, the majority of our actions are increasingly trackable. This presents new challenges, ethical concerns, and emerging production realities that documentary practitioners must navigate. SPECTRES is a two part forum with documentary producers, directors, academics, and security experts that attempts to demystify digital security and its need within documentary production. This series will culminate in a best practices field guide for documentarians and a burner OS that allows makers to ingest, edit, and communicate securely, which will be published in 2024.
Join Louis Massiah and Yvonne Michelle Shirley for a discussion of the legacy of place-based and participatory storytelling.
Director Ramona Diaz and journalist Maria Ressa discuss documentary journalism, the risks, rewards, and danger of choosing truth in a hostile environment.
Watch the conversation between Karin Chien & Gary Chou about where power sits in the film industry today and what opportunities there might be for creators to engage with it and reclaim it.