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2000 IDA/Pare Lorentz Award Nominees

By IDA Editorial Staff

Chiune Sugihara (right) wlth his wife, Yukiko. From <em>Sugihara Conspiracy Of Kindness</em> Courtesy of diane estelle Vicari

SUGIHARA Conspiracy of Kindness
Producer: Diane Estelle Vicari
Director/Writer: Robert Kirk

This documentary tells the remarkable story of Chiune Sugihara, who, in the face of the Nazi onslaught in Europe, and at great risk to his career and life, single-handedly saved more than 2,000 lives, using his power as a diplomat to rescue fleeing Jewish refugees. 


The Tree Woman
Executive Producers: Susanne Becker & Guenter Myrell
Producer: Christian Bauer
Director/Writer: Ziri Rideaux
Tangram Film/ZDF

The Tree Woman tells the story of 24-year-old Julia Butterfly Hill, who risked her life to save a 1,500-year-old California redwood from destruction at the hands of one of the biggest lumber companies in North America.


Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Producer/Director: Tod S. Lending

Shot over four years, this film captures an African-American family passing through dramatic and unexpected transitions. The powerful and dignified voices of three generations of women tell the inspiring story of how they are breaking free of welfare, overcoming drug addiction and escaping the violence in their community.


Punitive Damage
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
Producer: Gaylene Preston
Producer/Director: Annie Goldson
Cinemax Reel Life

Punitive Damage follows the story of New Zealander Helen Todd, who sued an Indonesian general after her 20-year-old son Kamal was shot in East Timor in 1991. Kamal’s death and Helen’s determination helped to contribute to the recent dramatic changes in East Timor.


The Witness
Producers/Directors: James LaVeck and Jenny Stein

(synopsis not available at press time)