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  • Pedro Samper, Director/Producer

Sonia, a woman with dark skin, stands in her cemetery. She looks at a wall of graves. The text "People Like Us" is overlaid on top.

About the Project


Sonia Bermúdez, thanatologist and cemetery owner, takes care of the “memoryless”, that is, homeless people, elders and immigrants that die alone in the streets and hospitals of Riohacha, La Guajira, Colombia, with no one to take care of their bodies. Despite dwelling in a world of loneliness and loss, Sonia is, essentially, a vitalist devoted to her family and to “her dead”, as she calls them. One of a kind, we will see how she struggles to maintain her cemetery alive, and how she herself takes care of these forgotten bodies.

A black and white portrait of a light skinned Columbian man with short dark hair. He is putting his hand to his face.Pedro Samper, Director/Producer

Pedro Samper is a Documentary Director and Producer working on culture, social justice, environment, and related topics. He is the founder of Luminante Studio.