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May 8, 2024

Artificial Intelligence 101

Facilitators: Eva Kozanecka (Google Artists + Machine Intelligence), Will Tyner (Researcher at Google and Firelight Media Doc Lab Fellow)

Advances in generative AI are revolutionizing how images are produced, modified, circulated, and seen. As the quality and capability of generative models continues to advance, this session invites filmmakers to reflect more deeply on how, when, and why to use generative AI within nonfiction storytelling. Led by Eva Kozanecka, filmmaker and head of Google’s Artists + Machine Intelligence program, and Will Tyner, Firelight Media Doc Lab Fellow and researcher at Google, this session will share insights, strategies and a starting framework to empower filmmakers to critically engage with media generation tools in ways that align with their values and shape future applications of AI technologies in film. Recognizing that there is no “one size fits all solution,” we will workshop this framework collectively with two selected participants who are using AI for their next project, and discuss the potential impact on story, craft, and collaboration.