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June 10, 2024

SpringDocs | For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign | Q&A Panel

This filmmaker conversation features film participant/Executive Producer Brian Wallach, film participant/Executive Producer Sandra Abrevaya, Director/Producer Christopher Burke, Producer Tim Rummel, Executive Producers Phil Rosenthal and Jeff MacGregor, and ​moderated by Executive Producer Katie Couric.

ASL interpretation by Andrèa Lust.

IDA's spring showcase takes you behind the scenes of the year's network films and programs. Since 2017, the Awards Spotlight, now titled SpringDocs, has taken IDA members behind the scenes of the year's telecasted Emmy-award contenders.

An emotionally gripping documentary illustrating the power of love and determination in the face of adversity.  The film follows the life of Brian Wallach and his wife Sandra in the aftermath of his ALS diagnosis at age 37.  Exemplifying bravery, inspiration and hope, Brian and Sandra, continue to fight against a broken system for their own future, while seeking to build a brighter one for countless others.