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Responding to the “permacrisis”—a 2022 “word of the year” meaning “an extended period of instability and insecurity” and the title for one of the talks at this year’s CPH:DOX film festival and conference in Copenhagen—was a prevailing theme at this season’s March event.
Unfolding over three informative afternoons at the 2022 hybrid CPH:DOX (March 23-April 3), CPH:CONFERENCE ’s “Business as Unusual” was the catchily
An unapologetically progressive fest since its 2003 inception, CPH:DOX has never been content to merely showcase films. From the start, it set out to
If CPH:DOX is any indication (and it usually is), 2021 seems set to see a transformation in sociopolitical nonfiction cinema. Rather than, say, merely
The New Virtual Normal: Covering a Film Festival During COVID-19 Covering CPH:DOX —the first spring fest to respond to COVID-19 by moving entirely
Since its founding in 2003, the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival, better known as CPH:DOX , has avidly embraced expanding definitions of
Though I’m a nonfiction cinephile who’s been attending Copenhagen’s always invigorating CPH :DOX for nearly half a decade, this past 2019 edition
Nothing stirs you from your morning film festival slumber faster than hearing your own name mentioned out loud in front of a packed audience. There I
In humans and in landscapes, documentarians have two enormous subjects at their disposal without having to look far, and inexhaustible potential in
A baby upstart festival dedicated to including every possible type of documentary when CPH:DOX sprang up in 2003, the annual festival in Denmark is