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Telling the story of an artist is a daunting endeavor, one that, in the right hands, transcends chronology and testimonials from contemporaries and
Joining the Directors Guild of America nearly 10 years ago ranks as one of the proudest moments in my entire career. There was something about
A Love Song for Latasha, the Academy Award-nominated short from Sophia Nahli Allison, opens with the rewind of a VCR tape image, a slow breath of
A longstanding prominent aspect of non-fiction storytelling has been the interview, which at its heart is about connection. From a framed face
Although the documentary form can take shape in reenactment, animation or other mediums, storytelling through participant interviews continues to command the craft.
Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai-Vasarhelyi are widely known as the filmmakers behind the Academy Award-winning Free Solo (2018), a gripping film that
Since winning the IDA Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award in 2016 for her debut documentary feature, Hooligan Sparrow, Chinese independent filmmaker
In this IDA Conversation Series, we highlight and explore the extraordinary career of Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and producer Susan Lacy. Hear how
Eugene Jarecki is an award-winning documentary director and producer whose films investigate American politics and its power structures. His 2002 film
A thirty-year veteran in the documentary field, Kirsten Johnson has received numerous accolades for her documentary films, Derrida, Darfur Now, Pray