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Fast Foreword

Dear Readers, After 22 ½ years as Editor of Documentary magazine, I have decided to step down. On September 10, 2001, I was on a flight from Boston to
Dear Readers, For me, the biennial Getting Real conference has been such a rich and rewarding well of ideas, issues, and themes to draw from, as I
Dear Readers, As the community-wide conversation has, over the past several years, focused on decolonization, accountability, and ownership, we at
Dear Readers, Last fall, when the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) averted a strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture
Dear Readers, As IDA commemorates 40 years in the documentary space, we’ve witnessed a tsunami of change around us, from the art to the business, to
Dear Readers, What the past 20 months have unleashed upon the world underscores the urgency to center trauma and mental health in our ongoing
Dear Readers, Just as we thought it was safe to reflect on, process and move forward from the maelstrom that was 2020, the Delta variant—a faint
Dear Readers, Spring summons the clichéd trickle of hope and reemergence, but the 2021 edition is coming on with the potential of a righteous, mighty
Dear Readers, The online edition of the Getting Real Documentary Conference, held last fall to a global audience of 3,100 attendees from 54 countries
Dear Readers, With COVID-19 still raging in synch with the fires on the West Coast, the current occupant of the White House in full-on mendacity and