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One could have spent all 12 days of the 24th International Documentary FilmFestival Amsterdam (IDFA) covering any one of its programs. Eighty-eight
Amidst the ongoing genocide in Gaza, one of the IDFA’s most high-profile Palestinian films, Mohamed Jabaly’s Life Is Beautiful documents roughly seven
IDFA , the largest documentary film festival in the world, sprawls throughout Amsterdam in mid-November. It’s also an industry mecca, where you might
This year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) was (once again) a hybrid affair. Which left me, like many nonfiction aficionados
The recently concluded International Documentary Film Festival at Amsterdam , the largest documentary film festival in the world, managed to host some
For doc filmmakers, the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA) is above all where you can find your people. It's a networking
The new era for the International Documentary Festival at Amsterdam (IDFA) has begun, and its theme is inclusion. New IDFA director Orwa Nyrabia , who
It’s no small challenge to go on record to talk about your very important new job when you’ve only been at it a handful of weeks. But like everything
IDFA (International Documentary FilmFestival Amsterdam) 2010 was an impressively well run, multi-faceted event, with hundreds of films to see, dozens