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The Asian American Documentary Network, colloquially known as A-Doc, announces nine participants across two funding initiatives: the Our Stories, Our
We’re in a moment in the world, and in the documentary field, where it’s become exceedingly clear that the dominant ways of working are not serving us
When Nick Stuart of the nonprofit multimedia company Odyssey Impact thinks back on the 2016 world premiere of Kim A. Snyder’s Peabody Award-winning
Even before Working Films had a name, its founders, Robert West and Judith Helfand, knew what the organization would stand for and do. “Filmworks [as
Three days after the 2020 US presidential election, the tide began to turn in Georgia. The potential for a historic blue flip from a solidly red Deep
Journalism works to hold the powerful accountable, whether it is public officials or private corporations, provoking a public reckoning with
By Caty Borum Chattoo and Will Jenkins Center for Media & Social Impact Contemporary social-issue documentary films are available to the public
Part production company, part philanthropic enterprise, the Seattle-based Vulcan Productions seeks to catalyze global activism through engaging
By Caty Borum Chattoo & Will Jenkins, Center for Media & Social Impact When Movies Go to Washington: Documentary Films & Public Policy in the United
Every film tells a story. Bottom line. But some films have a double bottom line, a two-fold mission: to tell a story, and to propel social change. To