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Legal FAQ

A hallmark of documentary films is the use of preexisting material incorporated by filmmakers to tell their story. For instance, Michael Moore’s
When may a documentary producer record a telephone call or conversation? On January 2, 2021, former President Trump and his counsel called Georgia
What role can mediation play in resolving disputes that arise during production of documentary films? Warning: producing documentaries can be
By Steven Beer, Neil Rosini & Julie Angell How can geoblocking impact the video-on-demand marketplace? Geoblocking technology restricts access to
It's tempting to take photos and excerpts of clips from seemingly non-professional sources that have been uploaded to YouTube and other internet sites
Why is the insurance concept of “voluntary parting” a problem for equipment owners in peer-to-peer rentals? “Voluntary parting” refers to an exclusion
By Steven Beer, Jake Levy and Neil Rosini This edition of Legal FAQ answers an assortment of questions relating to treatment of celebrities in remote
By Steven Beer, Jake Levy and Neil Rosini Foreign production and distribution of a documentary raise a variety of distinct legal issues. Here are