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Notes from the Reel World

In these first couple of months as IDA’s executive director, a few lines by the cultural thinker Paul Gilroy have been on my mind. They indicate, for me, something of the purpose of documentary filmmaking.
We are thrilled for the return of Documentary Magazine. For the past 42 years, it has served as a space for dialogue, provocation, and an archive of the documentary form’s power, persistence, and evolution. We want to give thanks to Tom White—who gave shape to the magazine for 22 years—alongside a devoted community of readers and contributors for getting us to this milestone. The magazine was paused for nearly a year following his departure, and issue #2 is presented with Abby Sun as its editor. Abby’s curiosity and intellect are boundless, and we join all of you in anticipation of what future issues will bring.
Dear Documentary Community, In 2014 I participated in a “Here’s What Really Happened” session at IDA’s first Getting Real Conference. I was invited by
Dear Documentary Community, Just over a year ago, I began my tenure as IDA’s first Latinx executive director. I accepted the position hoping to
Dear IDA Community, February 6, 2022 marked IDA’s 40th anniversary. In 1982, filmmakers-turned-psychotherapists Linda Buzzell and Larry Saltzman
Dear Documentary Community, As the documentary financing business model continues to evolve, so have the strategies that filmmakers must pursue in
Dear Documentary Community, It has been about four months since I assumed the role of Executive Director of IDA. What excites me most about this
Dear Documentary Community, My hope as the past year came to a close—a year that saw a steady and seemingly unending stream of challenges—was that our
Dear Documentary Community, This past fall, I announced that I would be stepping down from IDA in 2021. Over the past few months we’ve all been living
Dear IDA Community, We are in an extraordinary time. I have been asked many times how one can process what is happening in America at this moment in