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Americans are planning their exit strategy from weeks of coronavirus hibernation, but there's still a compelling reason to stay home on the evenings
"For somebody who went on television 50 years ago, and who's been dead for 15 years, I feel like it's the most contemporary subject I've ever worked
When she was a teenager in the late '70s growing up in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania suburbs, filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain was taken by her
Since American Experience debuted in October 1988, a guiding principle of the PBS series has been a belief that history matters. History can help us
Vietnam looms large in the American psyche. It was a war with no news blackouts or selectively embedded journalists, and it was discussed at the
Things are rarely black and white in the realm of nonfiction, but when it comes to social justice in these United States, events can seem to align
For the past several years, America has witnessed almost daily incidents of unarmed black men and women being killed by the police—and these incidents
Independent Lens and POV to stay on Mondays at 10pm On the tail of a several-month, multi-city listening tour during which leaders from PBS, ITVS, POV
One of the most eagerly awaited documentaries of the year may also be one of the most controversial. The Blues , the seven-part, ten-and-a-half-hour
What does the future hold for independent documentary films and public broadcasting? What can you do to impact the decisions and changes being made right now?