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South American Media

Since early 2020, the COVID pandemic has taken a merciless toll on film institutions and festivals around the world. But for Cinemateca Brasileira
The Mole Agent is in a class by itself. For starters, documentaries about private detectives and their moles are exceedingly rare. What’s more, any film that mashes up vérité, film noir and Pink Panther tone is one of a kind.
Though The Edge of Democracy is Brazilian filmmaker Petra Costa's final piece in a personal trilogy, it's the first to nab her an Oscar nomination for
In the US and Europe, there is a tendency to think of Latin American documentary filmmaking in terms of coups, government repression and revolution
I was late arriving to the 2015 True/False Film Festival and lamenting missing all the screenings I’d planned to see that night. However, after a long
The It's All True Festival, Brazil's first documentary film festival, introduces a new variety of short and feature-length productions selected from
Brazil evokes a wealth of associations, from soccer to samba, but recent films such as City of God, Bus 174 and Favela Rising have pointed up the
About seven years ago, I saw an article in the Los Angeles Times about a “forgotten colony” of American Civil War-era Confederates in the town of