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Shooting Faya Dayi without a crew in rural Ethiopia, where walking long distances was the only way to arrive at my locations, taught me something
Psychologist Silvan Tomkins wrote about "the tendency of jobs to be adapted to tools, rather than adapting tools to jobs." The job of recording
Documentary filmmakers have to be ready for anything. As the saying goes, the minute you put down the camera, the most amazing thing happens. In order
Check out the new report of findings from IDA's 2019 Tools of the Trade: Documentary Equipment Survey, providing a robust narrative about the optimal tools of the trade for making your best work.
Back in high school I had a psychology teacher who was known for opening up students’ backpacks and slowly removing ALL the contents out onto one’s
Ready to venture into the world of podcasting? Well, the good news is, there is a low barrier to entry, meaning you don’t need much in the way of
Why is the insurance concept of “voluntary parting” a problem for equipment owners in peer-to-peer rentals? “Voluntary parting” refers to an exclusion
Sometimes I feel like I never unpack. As a documentary cinematographer, I’m so grateful for all of my travels and am humbled by the incredible stories
I work as both a cinematographer and a director/cinematographer; I find the latter to be especially challenging. I need to be able to have the tools I
Don't let these photos of gear fool you. Over the course of my nearly three-decade-long career, I have almost never brought the same gear on a shoot