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Introducing IDA's Official Accessibility Partner, Rev

By Jessica Rodriguez

A mounted microphone next to a laptop with a red overlay and the IDA and Rev logos centered in white.

IDA is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Rev as our official accessibility partner! Rev provides an array of services for documentary filmmakers including captions, transcripts, and global-language subtitles, so filmmakers get the most value from their audio and video content and can reach the widest possible audience.

With this partnership, IDA Doc Maker members and above will receive a one-time discount of 10% on Rev’s services*. To learn more about IDA membership, how to sign up and take advantage of this benefit, visit our membership page.


Who is eligible?*

Any IDA members who are Doc Maker level or above who are first-time users of Rev are eligible to receive a 10% discount, up to $50 off. This discount is eligible for any transcript, caption or subtitle order.

I’m an IDA member. How do I access this discount?

An activation registration link was sent out to current IDA members. To access the link at any time, sign in to your account on MyIDA and from the dashboard, click the “What would you like to do?” dropdown menu and search for “My Membership Benefits.” Click on your membership level and scroll down until you see a benefits summary on Rev. Click the “Sign up here” button to be redirected to The coupon code will automatically link to your Rev account. 

To learn more about Rev services, check out these pages:

If I'm already a Rev customer, can I still use this one-time discount?

Only first-time Rev users are eligible, however, depending on the size of your projects and ongoing work, you may be eligible for a volume discount. Please contact us for more information at 

What differentiates Rev from other speech-to-text services?

Rev services promise 99% accuracy, no hidden fees and 24-hour turnaround times.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Rev services?

Please contact for any troubleshooting or Rev-related support questions. For questions on partnering with Rev, contact For any questions regarding your IDA membership, contact

Have more questions? See Rev’s Captions FAQ, Subtitles FAQ and Transcription FAQ pages.