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IDA Enterprise Documentary Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Production Grant FAQ

I applied in the previous round. Can I apply this year with the same project?

You may apply with the same project from a previous round if your project has made significant progress. Please reference the current application checklist and update your submission accordingly.

When is the next production grant open call?

Please visit this page in May 2024 to see grant application timeline.


What is the date and time of the deadline?

Tuesday, April 04, 2023 at 11:59pm PT.

When will I be notified?

Applicants for the 2023 cycle will be notified in early August 2023. This is subject to change based on the number of applications received. The website will be updated accordingly, if there are any changes to the timeline.


Can I provide an update?

Finalist projects will be prompted to provide a project update after the first round selection. Do not change your work sample links while they are under review.

What is the credit requirement? Are there any exceptions?

No, we cannot make exceptions. There must be at least one director or producer on the project who has completed two feature documentaries.

If you are an emerging filmmaker, please reference the grants directory for more opportunities.


How long should the current work sample be?

You must submit a work sample for the project you are proposing. The suggested length is 10-15 minutes. It cannot be less than 10 minutes. Also, only 15 minutes of a longer sample can be reviewed. If you include a sample longer than 15 minutes, please indicate which 15 minute section you would like reviewed, otherwise reviewers will watch the first 15 minutes.

What is expected from the current work sample?

There are no restrictions on the type of sample. Choose material that reflects the strongest elements of your story, characters and style. It can be one scene, a string out of scenes, an interview with a character, or a rough cut. Please make certain the audio can be heard. Be sure to give context for the sample in relation to what is written in the application. We encourage applicants not to expend extra resources to prepare the sample.


Are broadcast or web series eligible?

Series are not eligible for the production grant. Only feature films (40 minutes or longer) are eligible.

Do you accept international projects?

Yes. International projects or non-U.S. co-productions are eligible. International projects are required to have a U.S. fiscal sponsor at the time of application if the production does not have a U.S. Tax ID.


What production-related costs are acceptable?

Production costs may include staff, crew, travel, gear rental, office expenses, production insurance and legal expenses during the production period. Films with principal research and development completed are especially encouraged to apply. Films nearing the end of production will be considered, but must have production expenses remaining.

Is there someone I can discuss my project with before applying?

We are now offering office hours! To register for one of the two sessions, please refer to the Enterprise eligibility page. You can also email us at

Development Grant FAQ

What is the status of the development grant?

The development grant is on hold indefinitely. Please visit the IDA Grants directory here for more funding opportunities for this production stage.

Additional Questions

Please contact with any questions not covered here or pertaining to your project's eligibility.