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IDA Announces Member Benefits with Argo

By Veronica Monteyro

Logos of International Documentary Association (IDA) and argo against a bright blue background

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Argo, a new streaming platform and global curator of short films, starting this month exclusive to IDA members. 

With the goal of elevating shorts above the oceans of social media content, Argo provides a discovery home for filmmakers and film fans alike. Argo is building a community with all genres of short film curated into themed playlists by film festivals, filmmakers, and influencers. IDA will be joining a host of partners including Sundance Film Festival, The Guardian and Kickstarter.

Yes, filmmakers do get paid! The platform works on a revenue-share basis with a goal to ensure creators have the opportunity to truly showcase their work and inspire the new wave of independent film. Argo’s mission is to democratize distribution and provide a curated experience for a global audience. 

Through this partnership, IDA members will receive three months of complimentary exclusive access to Argo. 

Discover IDA’s first curated playlist of past IDA Documentary Awards nominees, and soon, playlists of shorts from our members. To submit a short film, head to, find “Submit/Recommend a film” on the right hand navigation bar, and click “Filmmaker.”

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below learn how to activate your offer and access your new member-exclusive Argo benefit. If you aren't an IDA member yet, this is the perfect time to join the IDA family!


I’m an IDA member. How do I activate my Argo 3-month trial?

An activation registration link was sent out to current IDA members. If you are an active member but have unsubscribed from our mailing list or did not receive the link, please contact for assistance.  

Once registered, please download Argo from the iTunes App Store or Google Playstore and log into your account. Your automatic 3-month trial will begin immediately! You will have one month, until June 21, 2021 to register for your account through the link before it expires.

I am an IDA member and already have an Argo account. Can I still access this offer? 

If you are an IDA member that already has an Argo account, please delete your existing Argo account and re-register. Unfortunately, you can't "add" the trial to an existing Argo account. 

I don’t want to watch short films on my phone. Can I watch short films on my computer or smart TV?

Yes, Argo has Airplay integrated into both our web player and mobile app, allowing you to easily stream films to your smart TV. Additionally, you can always log into your Argo account on to stream there. 

What’s the difference between Argo’s free membership and the subscription?

Argo offers a variety of plans. There will always be some free films available (with ads). A paid subscription includes viewing of unlimited ad-free shorts. Some premium films will be behind a pay-per-view paywall. You will have to pay a fee to watch those films on top of your subscription. You can also choose to rent individual playlists or films. Learn more on the Argo website here.

Do I have to be an IDA member to submit my short film(s) to be reviewed by Argo’s global curation team?

Argo allows anyone, no matter their experience level, age or location to submit their short(s) (or their favorites) to be licensed on Argo. You do not have to be an IDA member. Go to the Argo website, find “Submit/Recommend a film” on the right hand navigation bar, and click “Fan” or “Filmmaker.”

How do I stay on top of Argo’s new releases and partnerships?

The Argo team recommends following their Instagram, where they post weekly playlists, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You can also discover your favorite short film on, or on the Argo app.

I’m having trouble activating my 3-month trial, what should I do?

Please email the Argo team at, and a member of the Argo team will get back to you shortly to support.