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Nonfiction Access Initiative in partnership with the FWD-Doc and Supported by the Ford Foundation present: Enhancing Accessibility and Support for Disabled Nonfiction Media Makers - NAI 2024 Report


This preliminary report is based on the data collected from the Nonfiction Access Initiative “Nonfiction Media Makers with Disabilities Survey”. 

NAI Research and Initiative Goals: 

  1. Identify Needs: To identify the needs of disabled nonfiction media makers
  2. Inform Funders: To develop recommendations for funders in order to better serve disabled nonfiction media makers
  3. Amplify Voices: To gather data about disabled nonfiction media makers and share it as broadly as possible
  4. Champion Change: To activate further research and advocacy for the disability community in nonfiction media

The downloadable PDF version of the report is not just a collection of data, it is a call to action for funders and organizations in the nonfiction media industry to evaluate their practices, policies, and attitudes toward disability. It is also a tool to empower individual practitioners and industry members to demand greater accessibility and inclusivity in our industry.

Download The NAI Report

In an effort to create more data about the disabled nonfiction filmmaking community available, we are committed to making the full data set from the survey available to individuals and organizations who would like to use the data to support additional research, reports, and/or articles. If you would like to have access to the complete data please fill out the application form here.

Click the following link to download the full list of questions from the Nonfiction Media Makers with Disabilities Survey:

Nonfiction Media-Makers with Disabilities Survey Questions

To review important disability definitions used in the Survey and Report:

Definitions of Terms

If you would like to provide feedback on the report:

Feedback Form