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  • Hyunsoo Moon, Director/Producer
  • Brian Tessier, Producer

A collection of images from the film in many boxes collaged together: a newborn baby, a parade, old Asian man smiling, a young man smiling with a friend, you woman with a man moving and smiling, highschool graduation, fireworks, cornfield, a tree in the snow, meatpacking plant, a man and a boy walking on rocks, a black woman smiling with a girl on her back, a man farming, a factory with smokestacks, a man looking stoic in a church.

About the Project

For decades, refugees have begun their journey to the American Dream at a meatpacking plant in Storm Lake, Iowa. But after their shift is over, they dream of something better than the kill floor. Intimately following the lives of the refugees at a meatpacking town in Iowa for over four years, The Americans explores the human reality of the American dream and the personal sacrifices behind it.