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  • Anne Goursaud, Director
  • Anne Goursaud (Producer), Producer
  • Jennifer Lane Connolly (Associate Producer), Producer

About the Project

A CLASSY BROAD is the story of an eighty-seven year old woman, MARCIA NASATIR, who transcends generations, a woman with an insatiable curiosity, a woman who worked hard and still does, a woman who always loved a good story since she learned to read at the precocious age of three. Marcia..."If you can read, pay attention, you can conquer the world." A Jewish girl from San Antonio, TX, Marcia forged a career in the movie business when few women did.

As Vice-President in charge of production at United Artists (with Mike Medavoy as head of production), she was involved in the making of some of the greatest films in Hollywood history. THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, CARRIE, ROCKY, COMING HOME, the remake of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, APOCALYPSE NOW. After seventeen studios turned down THE BIG CHILL, Marcia, then head of Carson Films, got the movie made in 1982. She also produced other movies as an independent producer for television and film, IRONWEED(1986), HAMBURGER HILL(1987), and MRS. CAGE(1992). The most recent when she was eighty-three years old, DEATH DEFYING ACTS(2008). In 2007, Marcia and her old client and friend, Lorenzo Semple, started to review films on their show REEL GEEZERS, and became an instant sensation on YouTube.

Through the years, Marcia has sold many writers' first scripts, recommended writers that were unknown, recommended actors to directors that didn't want them, mentored readers, and given numerous people their first jobs. The film will be constructed by weaving in and out of Marcia's current life and friends to her past, using her multiple acts of kindness as leads in to different periods of her life.