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The Comedown // Ending overdose is easier than you think

  • Becca Braren , Director
  • Kristen Murtha, Producer
  • Jed Riffe , Producer

A woman with her hair flowing in the breeze.

About the Project

THE COMEDOWN is a gripping look at the country’s escalating overdose crisis, the misunderstood causes & little-known cures. It seeks to deconstruct deadly, society-wide misperceptions that are actively contributing to this crisis. We present the 50 years of science that suggests that everything we thought we knew about addiction is wrong. Most critically, THE COMEDOWN exposes the fact that while elements of susceptibility to addiction can be inherited, addiction is primarily a maladaptive behavioral response to suffering. It is just one of many destructive ways that individuals deal with misery. It is not a disease in the way the public has come to believe. The footage is beautiful and complex, the content is science driven, and the goal is to completely & permanently change public opinion with accurate & consequential information. We are giving a voice to those who have proven there are practical solutions for prevention and treatment - AND A REAL PROMISE FOR LARGE SCALE CHANGE.