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A Cross To Bear

  • Michael Dorian, Director/Producer
  • Marc Levine, Director/Producer

About the Project

The World Trade Center "Miracle Cross" was discovered amidst the rubble of the 9/11 attack. It became a symbol of "faith, hope, and healing" for many.

But when the National September 11 Museum announced its intention to include this cross in the permanent exhibit, the group American Atheists filed a lawsuit claiming this breaches church-state separation. When a U.S. Congressman then introduced a bill to make the cross a national monument, the ideological divide between Left and Right in America widened.

Supporters contend the cross belongs in the museum and does not violate our Constitution. However, the three plaintiffs argue this is a legal battle that must be fought in order to maintain the wall that separates church from state in America.

The case is being heard in a Federal District Court in New York City. The National September 11 Museum is to open soon, with or without the cross.