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Dani's Twins

  • Brad Allgood, Director
  • Steve Dorst, Director
  • Angie Gentile, Producer
  • Andy Arias, Producer
  • Dani Izzie, Producer

About the Project

DANI’S TWINS, an award-winning documentary, provides a rare, intimate look into the pregnancy and early parenting journey of Daniela Izzie--one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins. Since its world premiere at Mountainfilm Festival in May 2022, the film has received official selection status at a dozen festivals across the US and abroad and has taken home multiple audience and best film awards. (Learn more:

While a source of great joy, Dani’s pregnancy is highly unusual and susceptible to an array of risks, ranging from blood pressure drops and spikes that lead to blackouts and threaten stroke to the almost-certain likelihood of preterm labor.

On top of the health risks, Dani strives to overcome the challenges and biases that women with disabilities face, now magnified with the impending birth of two babies. When the Covid-19 pandemic strikes, it raises the stakes for an already complicated pregnancy. Amid these ups and downs, Dani’s story depicts her unwavering determination to deliver healthy babies and be a great mother.

DANI’S TWINS is more than just a film--Dani’s journey breaks down prejudices and makes audiences question their assumptions about people with disabilities, especially wheelchair users. The issues are as timely as ever for the millions of people with disabilities who still lack fundamental access and equality.

Dani’s story has the potential to inspire a public dialogue with benefits for millions of people. Now more than ever, we need to reshape the disability narrative and challenge ingrained biases.


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