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A Decent Home

  • Sara Terry, Director
  • Alysa Nahmias, Producer
  • Sara Terry, Producer

About the Project

When housing on the lowest rung of the American dream is being devoured by the wealthiest of the wealthy, whose dream are we serving? That’s How We Roll addresses urgent issues of class and economic (im)mobility through the lives of mobile home park residents who can’t afford housing anywhere else. They are fighting for their dreams -- and their lives -- as private equity firms and wealthy investors buy up parks, making sky-high returns on their investments while squeezing every last penny out of the mobile home owners who must pay rent for the land they live on.

That’s How We Roll is a character-rich, feature-length documentary about the uniquely American phenomenon of mobile home parks, and the nation’s critical affordable housing crisis. The film examines urgent issues of class and economic (im)mobility – the growing flaws of a faltering system and a widening wealth gap – through the lives of residents in mobile home parks across the country.