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The Dirty War on the NHS

  • John Pilger, Director
  • Christopher Hird, Producer

About the Project

This film will reveal the destruction by stealth and spin of perhaps the greatest achievement of the post-world war two era -- health care for all. In Britain, in 1948, a national health service was established. Most western countries followed suit, except for the United States. Today in America more than 82 million Americans cannot afford health insurance cover, or their cover is inadequate.

All attempts to reform this in the USA have failed -- thanks to the "invisible government" of PR propagandists and lobbyists, "third party advocates", front groups, "charm offensives" and the suppression of information and the selective disclosure of disinformation.

And now the campaign is being turned on the UK, where there has been a 40 per cent increase in NHS resources going to corporations.

The propaganda campaign against the NHS is in full swing - run by private think tanks – at the same time as the government starves the NHS of billions, so that it is perceived as "failing".

The film will show how this campaign is being waged, peddling the lie that a public health service is unsustainable and  promoting patent falsehoods about the way a single payer health service operates.