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  • Joshua Teicher, Director/Producer
  • Saloni Sharma, Producer

Black and white image of Lennox Blackmoore being held up and celebrated by a crowd

About the Project

Lennox Blackmoore is a former boxer with a professional record of 25 wins and 5 losses.

As the first Guyanese boxer to win the British Commonwealth title, Lennox became an instant hero in the small South American Country of Guyana.

During his career, Lennox had a string of 25 wins and 2 losses before losing to Aaron Pryor in 1981.

Lennox turned his attention to training fighters.

A hero turned elder journeyman trainer.

Don't Quit Champ is a premium 40+ minute short documentary film that explores the intimate life of Lennox Blackmoore.

Straight out of World-Famous Boxing Cathedral, Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn NY, meet a veteran boxer who almost had it all.

This film follows Lennox from his new home in Brooklyn, NY, as he attempts to mentor one last champion.