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The Golden Chain

  • Keith Lockwood, Director
  • Putter Brown, Producer
  • Timothy Tate, Producer

About the Project

The Golden Chain is a film about the soul. A chronicle of five contemporary teachers, stretching from their literal experience into the uncharted realms where creativity, inspiration and transcendence cooperate. We meet teachers who challenge us with news from beyond, encouraging us to take another step toward our self. James Hillman, the founder of archetypal psychotherapy. Michael Meade, drummer and storyteller. Robert Bly, poet. Timothy Tate, archetypal psychotherapist. Erich Schiffmann, yoga and meditation teacher. What we call soul is a dynamic force, there is nothing stale about it. It seeks expression, not contentment. The alchemists conceived of this as changing matter from the density of leaden unconsciousness, to the luster of golden awareness. How this force takes shape and the principles that govern its evolution, and who has furthered its understanding, is the story of this film.