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Got the facts on Milk?

  • Shira Lane, Director/Producer
  • Executive Producer: Thomas Sells, Producer

About the Project

Got the facts on Milk? a comical yet jolting feature documentary that questions the health benefits of milk and examines the dairy industry's advertised claims on milk. A hybrid Bible belt style road trip unwinds across America to uncover the compelling behind the scenes story of milk and ultimately meet with the USDA in Washington DC to get the real deal FACTS on milk. Peeking into milking farms, labeling fraud, hormones, obesity, diabetes, cancer, dairy funded experiments, food assistant programs and more. Also includes footage from pop culture, advertising, TV news, interviews and a live milk debate. "Got Milk", the most dominant marketing campaign of our time, uses little known facts about milk and celebrity endorsements to sell the beverage to consumers, as a move to reverse a 30-year decline in milk consumption. With milk allergies on the rise and 75% of the world's population unable to consume milk, who is at greater risk? Is it the milk drinker or the non-milk drinker.